2020 Veterinary Antimicrobial Sales Highlights Report

Working towards the preservation of effective antimicrobials for humans and animals


  • The VASR data provide a comprehensive picture of antimicrobials available for veterinary use and support our overall antimicrobial resistance surveillance program and stewardship.
  • Antimicrobials have been grouped according to their importance to human medicine and the report reflects our integration, analysis and interpretation of submitted data.
  • Sales of antimicrobials may not reflect patterns of antimicrobial use and data in this report, where possible, should be considered along with end-user information.
  • As there was improved provincial reporting of sales data in 2019 and 2020, this should be taken into consideration when comparing sales data across years.

Key findings

In 2020, which is the third year of mandatory sales reporting, the key findings were:  

Information on antimicrobials of importance to human medicine sold for use in animals

Animal species information

Information on route of administration

Regional information

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