Regulating Nanomaterials at Health Canada

Health Canada uses existing legislation and regulations to mitigate potential health risks of nanomaterials and to help realize their benefits. Consistent with other major regulatory bodies around the world, the Department takes a case-by-case approach to assessing the safety of products and substances that may either be or contain nanomaterials.

To support the regulation of nanomaterials, Health Canada has adopted the Policy Statement on Health Canada's Working Definition for Nanomaterial. This Working Definition provides Health Canada with a consistent approach across its diverse regulatory program areas to identify regulated products and substances that may be or may contain nanomaterials. The first step to assuring adequate risk assessment and risk management is to identify potential nanomaterials using the Working Definition as a tool.

Further information on the Working Definition, including its public web-based consultation, can be accessed below:

As part of its international collaborative work on nanotechnology and nanomaterials, Health Canada is engaged, with Environment Canada, in the Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) Nanotechnology Initiative. Its goal is to share information and develop joint approaches on regulatory aspects of nanomaterials, including terminology and nomenclature, as well as risk assessment and management.

More information on the Regulatory Cooperation Council Nanotechnology Initiative, including its Work Plan can be accessed below:

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