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Natural Health Products Research

  • 2006 Patient Safety & Health System Governance: A Review of Approaches to Governing the Physician Sector
  • 2006 Health Technology, Governance and Patient Safety: An Overview and Synthesis of the Literature
  • 2006 Patient Safety, Medical Error and Tort Law: An International Comparison
  • 2005 Private Sector Delivery: Scope and Extent in Canada's Health Care System
  • 2005 Governance for patient safety: Lessons from non-health risk-critical high-reliability industries
  • 2005 Coordination of the Natural Health Product Research in Canada -Report
  • 2005 Developing Collaboration Among Researchers and Research Users in Functional Foods and Natural Health Products
  • 2005 Research Priority Setting Consultation on Homeopathic Medicine in Canada: An Invitational Roundtable
  • 2005 Traditional Chinese Medicine Products Research at Canadian Universities: Capacity and Challenge
  • 2004 Best Practices for the Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children: A Focus on Immigrants New to Industrialized Countries
  • 2004 Natural Health Products Directorate Consultation with Research Funding Agencies November 3-4, 2003 Report
  • 2004 Research Requirements: Literacy Amongst Complementary and Alternative Health Care (CAHC) Practitioners
  • 2002 3rd Annual Telehealth Research Summer Institute July 21-23, 2002
  • 2002 National Telehealth Coordinators Workshop 2002 October 1-2, 2002, Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia

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