Bedbugs tips and tricks

Transcript - Bedbugs tips and tricks:

Animated video. We see the Healthy Canadians logo appear, along with the words "Tips and Tricks" and the icons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube followed by the web address /HealthyCdns.

A card bearing an icon of a gift and the words GIFT CARD and the date 01/2014 appear. The card has a diagonal line drawn across it.

One half of the card is removed along the diagonal line, leaving a triangular shape with two pointed ends.

We see bedroom furniture with a half-made bed in the centre of the screen.

The card moves along a small groove in the top of one of the side rails of the bed. The pointed end of the card forces bedbugs out of the groove and they scatter across the bedclothes.

The Healthy Canadians logo reappears, with icons and the Government of Canada wordmark, as well as the text:

To check for bedbugs in your home, use an old plastic card.

Learn more about bedbugs at

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