Canada’s New Cannabis Act

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Transcript - Canada's New Cannabis Act

Animated video. The outline of a cannabis leaf appears on an orange background.

Narrator: It is now legal for adults to use cannabis in Canada. But there are a few things you need to know.

Text on screen: Cannabis is now legal for adults.

(Two animated characters, a man and a woman, appear on the left and right of the screen. The man and woman disappear as the background rotates to reveal a calendar with the date of October 17th 2018 circled).

Narrator: Cannabis became legal for adults on October 17th 2018.

(The calendar rotates to reveal several characters).

Narrator: It's your responsibility to know what is legal in your province or territory…

Text on screen: What is legal?

(A colourful map of Canada highlighting the provinces and territories appears behind the characters).

Narrator: …including the legal age…

(The text "18 or 19?" appears above the map. The map rotates away and the outline of a cityscape appears behind the characters).

Narrator: …and where you are able to buy and use cannabis.

(The characters and map rotate away).

Narrator: If you're high don't drive,

(A young man who appears to be high is standing beside a car and holding a set of keys).

Text on screen: If high, don't drive.

Narrator: or go to work.

(A man who appears to be high is driving a forklift in a warehouse).

Text on screen: Don't work impaired.

Narrator: Store cannabis securely and away from kids.

(A child is reaching for a cannabis leaf on a countertop. The leaf moves to a cupboard that is out of reach of the child. The cupboard door is closed, then locked).

Text on screen: Store cannabis securely.

(A family is checking their baggage at an airport).

Narrator: And don't travel internationally with cannabis.

Text on screen: Don't travel internationally with cannabis.

(Iconic images of a plane, a train and a car move across a map of Canada).

Narrator: Whether you're leaving or entering Canada it remains illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border.

(A smartphone appears with the web address of

Narrator: Find out more and get the facts at

Narrator: A message from the government of Canada.

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