Cross-contamination: the birthday party – described video

Transcript - Cross-Contamination: The Birthday Party

Transcript - Cross-Contamination: The Birthday Party

(Susan is stirring a bowl.)

Susan: Oh, let's see. Cupcakes, salads, veggies, sandwiches. Okay.

(Alarm clock sounds.)

12:15, yikes! Eddie hates tomatoes. Ahmed likes tomatoes. Emma and Janie like anything. And Alexa... what is it about Alexa? I know there's something.

(Phone rings. Susan answers the phone.)

Hello? Can I call you later, mom? I've got 14 kids here for a birthday. Bye! Oh, forgot to cut Alexa's sandwich. Knife. Knife... Ah, here we go.

(Close-up of a dirty knife on the counter next to a peanut butter jar. Suzanne grabs the knife)

Narrator: Susan could be about to make a big mistake. Can you figure out what it is?

(Close-up of Susan's face. A large question mark appears beside her head)

(Fade to black.)

(Close-up of Susan's face. A large question mark appears beside her head)

Susan: Let's see... What was it? The phone rang, I was almost done making the sandwiches. And….

(Close-up of a sandwich.)

Susan: Oh, yeah, Alexa! Peanut allergy!

(Close-up of knife with traces of peanut butter.)

Susan: That's it. Better make sure I put this knife and the jar of peanut butter way.

(Susan puts the dirty knife in the dishwasher. Close-up on her hands that close the doors to the food pantry where she's put the peanut butter jar away.)

Narrator: Cross-contamination happens.

(Susan obtains a new knife from the drawer.)

Susan: Here's a new knife.

(Susan carries the plates full of sandwiches out. The children cheer.)

Narrator: Find out how you can protect your family and your guests at

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