Detergent packets tips and tricks

Transcript - Detergent packets tips and tricks:

Animated video. We see the Healthy Canadians logo appear, along with the words "Tips and Tricks" and the icons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube followed by the web address /HealthyCdns.

We see a candy dispenser on a stand, filled with brightly-coloured items.

The top part of the candy dispenser filled with the items is removed from the rest of the dispenser. A cupboard door opens revealing cleaning products on its shelves. The top part of the candy dispenser enters the cupboard and rest on a shelf.

The door closes and a child-proof lock is slipped into place on the knobs of the cupboard doors.

The Healthy Canadians logo reappears, with icons and the Government of Canada wordmark, as well as the text:

Some detergent packets look like candy. Keep them locked up and out of reach.

Learn more about chemical safety at

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