Dump smoking with the Break It Off app: described video

Transcript - Dump smoking with the Break It Off App

Transcript - Dump smoking with the Break It Off App

Image of a house party.  People drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.  Smoke fills the air.

Text received on a smart phone: (Beep!)

Hand and phone fill the screen.

Incoming text reads: "omw, be there in 10. fun party?"

Smartphone owner replies: "it's alright. except everyone's smoking. sooo tempting…."

Incoming text reads: "don't do it! use the app i showed you!"

A finger swipes across the phone's screen and the Break it Off mobile application appears.

(Voice of female teen):Smoking is a total creep, and quitting can be soooo hard.  But the "Break it Off" app helps in moments of weakness.

It gives you all the tools you need to overcome your old desires.

Phone user navigates through some features of the Break it Off mobile app.

There are plenty of tips on there to help you out.

Like, you can keep track of your success by getting real-time break-up stats.

You can then track your progress and be done with smoking already.

And if it gets too hard, you can even talk with a quit coach who's ready to help you out anytime.

Finally!  You can dump smoking wherever, whenever.

So no more excuses.  Break it Off already and get the app now, it's free!

Text on screen: Download the FREE mobile app. 

Break it Off.ca

``Download for Android``

``Available on the App Store``

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