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Transcript - End stigma campaign

Voice 1: (female 30-39) "I never thought drugs would impact someone close to me…"
[A woman sits on a couch, next to a basket of laundry. She holds a hardhat.]

Voice 2: (male 50-60) "That people would judge and make her feel invisible…"
[A man and a woman stand in a kitchen, not looking at each other.]

Voice 3: (male young 20s) "That he'd be ashamed to talk about his opioid use."
[A young basketball player sits on a bench in a locker room.]

Voice 1: (female 30-39) "He felt like he couldn't ask for help, even though he was my husband."
[The woman on the couch stares out the window.]

Voice 4: (female 50-60) "Our daughter."
[In the kitchen, close-up of a photo of a young woman on the fridge.]

Voice 3: (male young 20s) "My best friend…"
[The basketball player looks into the camera.]

Narrator: "Canadians are dying of overdoses every day. Stigma is making it harder for people to get help. Addiction is a treatable medical condition - not a choice."
[Wearing protective masks, a man sits on a bench in a hallway, his head bowed, rubbing his hands together anxiously. A health care professional comes out of an office and greets him. She joins him on the bench.]

Narrator: "Help end the stigma."
[Words on the screen: Get the facts at Canada.ca/Opioids]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."
["Canada" wordmark]

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