Extreme heat: big fan

Transcript - Extreme Heat: Big Fan

Transcript - Extreme Heat: Big Fan

Bright sun is shining.

A man comes out of his house and wipes sweat from his face. He then has an idea, and walks to his garage.

A woman with a hat and water bottle is walking her dog in front of the man's house.

The man comes out of his garage and proudly greets the woman. He is now wearing a jumpsuit and helmet, with various tubes and a control panel attached to a huge fan on his back. The woman gives a questioning look.

The man turns the fan on using the knob on the control panel. Cool air refreshes him.

He then cranks the fan to the highest level.

The fan starts to malfunction and overspin. Smoke and sparks appear.

The force of the fan blows him off his feet and into the sky.

Narrator: There's no need to go to extremes, to stay cool.

For tips on how to protect yourself from extreme heat, visit canada.ca/health

A woman is reading inside a house next to a small fan, sipping a cool drink.

Through the windows behind her, we see the flying man drop to the ground.

Narrator: A message from Health Canada and the Government of Canada.

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