Frozen orange tips and tricks

Transcript - Frozen orange tips and tricks:

We see the Healthy Canadians logo appear, along with the words "Tips and Tricks" and the icons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube followed by the web address /HealthyCdns.

We see an orange beside a fridge. The orange rises up and enters the freezer. A clock appears and shows that six hours have elapsed.

The freezer door opens, revealing frozen freezer packs and the frozen orange.

The orange jumps into an open lunch box which contains a healthy lunch. A freezer pack appears beside the lunch box with the = sign to show that the frozen orange serves as a freezer pack.

The Healthy Canadians logo reappears, along with icons and the Government of Canada wordmark.

The following text appears:

To keep your child's lunch box cool, try a frozen orange (and it's tasty too!).

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