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Okay… hey everybody, Mikaela here… and here’s my video project on healthy eating.

Aaannnddd it’s a little bit different, but hey – that’s me!

A young teenaged girl using a selfie stick to take video of herself waves at camera.

TEXT ON SCREEN – Mikaela’s Family Meal Project

So check this out. The perfect dinner at our house starts by turning off our screens… …

cause you need your hands and focus to plan and make the PERFECT PERFECT dinner.

Mikaela uses her free hand to move the camera around to show a wide shot of her family’s kitchen

and dining room from the top of the stairs. Other family members are busy in the kitchen.

Camera moves down stairs and zooms in on a bowl with mobile devices in it.

Mikaela’s older brother puts his cell phone in as well.

Okay –this is all about everybody pitching in. So… here’s Mom doing her part…

Mikaela’s mother is at the end of the counter, putting chicken cubes and mushrooms on wooden skewers.

Dina might be too young to cook, but she’s a great potato chooser!

She likes the small ones… and she loves lots of colours!

A four year old girl is sitting at the dining room table.

The girl is choosing coloured potatoes and putting them into a bowl.

My baby sis Sasha is our resident veggie scrubber…

A ten year old girl is standing on a step stool at the kitchen sink scrubbing potatoes under running water.

And Vinnie is the chief table setter.

C’mon Vinnie, wave!!!

Camera view changes to under the glass table.

Mikaela’s older brother is putting place mats and plates on the table. He smiles at camera.

You see, everybody has a job… and everybody works together.

It’s the coolest.

A collage with three pictures of the previous scenes appears:

girls choosing potatoes; mother making chicken and mushroom skewers; and mobile devices in a bowl.

Building a meal as a family is FUN… because we’re all involved… and we’re all together!

Now let’s dig in!

Scene changes to show Mikaela and her entire family

at the dinner table holding up their water glasses in a cheers gesture and smiling.

Mikaela waves to camera, then reaches up to camera and stops recording.

TEXT ON SCREEN – Make Healthy Eating Fun!


TEXT ON SCREEN – Canada wordmark with waving flag

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