Monsters for Breakfast

Transcript - Monsters for Breakfast

Live Action Video

Words are superimposed over a picture of stuffed animals.

Text on Screen - Hannah's House of Horrors Presents:

Words are superimposed over a place setting on a table.

Text on Screen - Monsters for Breakfast:

A 10 year old girl is walking to the dining room table, pulls out her chair and sits down. Screen widens to show her breakfast is already placed in front of her and her little brother who is already at the table.

Hannah looks very surprised.

Screen zooms to show a whole wheat pancake with kiwi slices, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries placed on it to make a silly monster looking face.

Screen pans over to show two Martian characters made out of kiwi slices, banana halves, raspberries, strawberries and eyes made from blueberries.

Screen pans over to a separate plate placed in-between Hannah and her brother that has honeydew melon and cantaloupe cut into a dragon shape breathing fire with raspberries and blueberries as well.

Hannah makes a dramatic silly frightened and helpless gesture.

Hannah and her brother enjoy eating their breakfasts.

Screen changes to show Hannah and her brother dressed for school with their backpacks at the door.

Hannah smiles and waves to camera, then they go outside.

Text on Screen - The End

Text on Screen - Make Healthy Eating Fun!


Text on Screen - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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