Prepare a tasty fruit snack

Transcript - Prepare a tasty fruit snack

Transcript - Prepare a tasty fruit snack

Image of kitchen countertop.

Hands place wooden cutting board onto countertop.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: A fruit snack!

Hand places cantaloupe onto cutting board, other hand comes onto screen holding green knife.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Get ready to cut it

Hand prepares to cut cantaloupe, then drops knife.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Wait! Not yet!

Image slides onto screen of hands washing cantaloupe in the kitchen sink.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Scrub it with a produce brush under fresh running water

Image of kitchen countertop with wooden cutting board on it slides onto screen.

Hands place cantaloupe onto cutting board.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Now… cut it

Hand holding green knife comes onto screen and cuts up cantaloupe into pieces.

Hands remove wooden cutting board from countertop.


Hands place platter of cut up fruit and dip onto countertop.

Different hands grab pieces of fruit.

Hands place a bowl of fruit onto countertop.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Remember, wash your fruit, even if you will not be eating the rind

Hands wave over countertop.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: Food safety is in your hands!


TEXT ON-SCREEN: Government of Canada logo

A message from the Government of Canada.

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