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Video created by a continuous series of still pictures.

A teenage girl named Melanie waves to camera and smiles.

Hey - I'm Melanie Robert and this is my project on drinking water, selfie notes version.

Words are printed by hand on a large paper poster - Melanie points to it.

TEXT ON SCREEN - Healthy Hydration - Drinking water project:

Okay, everybody knows that cars run on fuel…

little brothers run on dirt and being annoying…

and the rest of us… run on water…oh, and food too!

Melanie's hand opens a car's fuel door and points to the gas cap.

Melanie is trying to take a selfie photo in front of the car,

and her little brother pops up in the back seat and makes a face. Melanie looks annoyed.

Melanie takes a big drink out of her re-useable water bottle.

So here's my healthy hydration map for today.

Screen changes to show a hand drawn map with arrows that shows a bottle of water in the middle,

circled by drawings of a soccer net, public park, house, transit bus stop and school.

Eat breakfast - including a glass of water to start the day off right.

Did you know it's super good for the skin?

Melanie is sitting at the dining room table with her breakfast plate in front of her.

The plate has half a toasted whole grain bagel, a scrambled egg,

and half an orange cut into wedges on it. A large glass of water is beside the plate.

Melanie takes a big drink of water and smiles.

Run to catch the bus….

Did you know that you lose water every minute of the day?

So who's going to replace it? Somebody else?

Melanie gets on the bus and is shown sitting with her re-useable water bottle.

She takes a big drink of water and smiles.

Play some soccer…. My coach, like many, say water is the best thing to have when you're doing sports!

Melanie is practicing soccer at the soccer pitch with a friend. Both are wearing baseball hats.

They sit down, and make a "cheers" gesture with their re-useable water bottles.

They both take a big drink out of their bottles, and smile for the camera.

Enjoy fresh air (uh huh, I've got my hat and my sunscreen on)….

Did you know that being out in the heat makes you perspire and lose water?

Keep the water bottle handy for a quick sip or two.

Melanie is walking with two friends. Both of her friends are walking dogs and wearing sun hats.

They are all carrying re-useable water bottles.

They all take a big drink of water and smile for the camera.

Eat dinner…. Did you know water helps digestion?

Melanie is sitting at the dining room table with a plate of food in front of her.

The plate has salad, green beans, grilled salmon and brown rice on it.

Beside the plate is a glass of water.

Melanie points to the water glass, smiles and takes a big drink.

Did you know that water will NOT do your homework for you? Kidding.

Water is good for your brain!

Melanie is now at her desk in her room, doing homework.

A re-useable water bottle is beside her notebook.

Melanie takes a drink of water and laughs.

I figure I'd probably be a shrivelled up dehydrated prune…

Melanie makes a number of funny faces to camera.

if it wasn't for good old H Two Oh.

Screen widens out to show Melanie in front of another poster -

she takes a big drink out of her re-useable water bottle and holds it up and smiles.


TEXT ON SCREEN - Make Healthy Eating Fun!

TEXT ON SCREEN - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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