Garage sale video

Transcript - Garage Sale Video

Transcript - Garage Sale Video

"I would say like 5 and up."

"It's the annual street sale in this community. For Patrick Wirth it's the perfect opportunity to sell off stuff his growing family doesn't need anymore. But what he doesn't know is that everyone holding a garage sale in Canada is legally responsible for ensuring that products sold or even given away, whether new or used are safe and meet current safety standards."

"No actually, I wasn't aware of that"

"So, is there anything here today that people shouldn't be selling?

Well, that's something that most of these vendors didn't know either.

Baby walkers are illegal to sell in Canada.

So what should people do?"

"Destroy the product in such a way that no one can use it, fish it out of the garbage etc, try to put it back together and then dispose of it properly."

"As a consumer, you are encouraged to put safety ahead of savings and to use caution when buying second-hand items, particularly if the items are intended for use by children."

"There's been a lot of recall notices lately.

We've seen a lot in the media and things like that so products like cribs, products like strollers, toys, toys with magnets, things like that.

You're going to want to be careful about these products that you're looking to purchase.

There's some good examples out there so we encourage people to go to those websites to make sure - because the list is so long and there are so many different types of products that could be affected."

"You will find consumer product recalls posted by Health Canada by logging onto: /cps-recalls"

"And Lou Travis agrees that the buyer should be well-informed and bear some of the responsibility."

"There are certain items like we sold a gate this morning; if it's installed properly then I don't feel responsible for that."

"Before buying a baby gate, look for the manufacturers' label, model number and date, and all instructions on how to install and use safely.

The bottom line-the best way for all to enjoy this annual spring ritual, whether buying or selling- keep safety in mind."

"I wouldn't put any item out that I knew where defective or such...I would garbage those right off the bat. "

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