Grocery Priorities

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Transcript - Grocery Priorities

An empty shopping cart, viewed from above, appears on screen.

Text on screen: What sections of the grocery store do you get to first?

Using a time lapse approach, a hand fills the cart very quickly with bags of fruit and vegetables,

then fresh meat and fish, then eggs, dairy products, frozen chicken strips, other frozen items, dry pasta, canned goods, flour, and then paper towels until the cart is full.

Text on screen appears quickly around the cart:

Produce, Meat, Dairy, frozen foods, dry goods, canned goods.

A sound effect is heard of brakes squealing

Text on screen: Hang on!

In high speed reverse order, the cart begins to empty,

and a hand picks up the frozen chicken nugget box. There is visible frost on the box.

Text on screen: Frozen food may have thawed!

We see a new empty cart

Text on screen: do it this way instead

Text on screen: First: dry goods

Paper towels, oil, canned goods and dry goods appear neatly in the bottom of the cart.

Text on screen: Next: produce

A layer of bagged produce, fruits and vegetables is added on top of the dry goods

Text on screen: Next: refrigerated foods

Meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other perishables are added to the cart

Text on screen: Finally, frozen food

Frozen peas, frozen fish, and frozen chicken nuggets are added to form the top layer in the cart

Hand removes box of frozen chicken strips from the cart and holds it up to examine

Text on screen: Skip running other errands and quickly get home to put groceries away!

Text on screen:

Text on screen: Canada word mark with waving flag

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