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Transcript - HIV/AIDS in Canada - Described video

[On Camera: Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, in her office.]

HIV and AIDS remain a public health concern in Canada, as it does around the world.

[Graphic: animation of statistics.]

As of 2016, it is estimated that more than 63,000 people were living with HIV in Canada, and of those, 1 in 7 were unaware of their status.

Canada has made significant progress over the past three decades. In fact, Canada is on track to meet the UNAIDS HIV 90-90-90 targets by 2020.

[Graphic: animation of statistics.]

The latest numbers show that today in Canada, 86% of people living with HIV know their status and 81% of people diagnosed are on treatment. We have also surpassed the last target with 91% of those on treatment having suppressed viral loads.

To help reach the global goal of ending HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030, governments, stakeholders and affected populations across Canada developed the first ever Pan-Canadian Framework for Action on Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections.

[Graphic: the Framework’s collaborative approach]

The Framework sets out a common vision and collaborative approach to:

  • reduce the incidence of these infections in Canada,
  • improve access to testing, treatment and ongoing care, and,
  • reduce stigma and discrimination as barriers to HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

Working together with our partners and stakeholders, I strongly believe that we can achieve this goal.

Thank you.

[Graphic: The Public Health Agency of Canada. Government of Canada wordmark.]

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