Karlee's drug addiction story: video

Transcript - Karlee's Story

Transcript - Karlee's Story

Karlee's mom: I heard her crying out in her room and I went in there and she was completely purple and blue around the mouth. And I just remember thinking, she's not breathing.

Karlee's mom: Karlee was very loving. A little girl that liked to take everybody under her wings. Karlee always said that she was gonna be a role model for her sister.

Karlee's mom: And on that day, we lost her. She died on us October 17 at 4:30 in the morning.

TITLE: Karlee's story

Karlee: I had asthma quite bad and I don't know if it was because of using prescription drugs and smoking and everything else but I literally like died on my parents, my dad had to revive me, he kept me going. I never thought I was endangering myself.

Karlee: I was hanging out with the wrong people that were into prescription drugs. Then eventually it was just, you know I wanna try this.

Karlee: It got to the point like I need this every day to get up out of bed, I need this to function during the day.

Karlee: You wake up every day wondering how am I going to get my fix and you'll do anything to get it.

Karlee's mom: She used to steal off me. It was very hurtful but it wasn't the worst of it all. The worst of it is not knowing if your child is going to be here the next day with you.

Karlee: I approached my mum and I'm like 'mum I can't do this'. I wasn't myself. I was, I was missing a part of me. That was my turning point.

Karlee: Counselling really did help me in a lot of ways. It would make me feel whatever was bothering me I got to talk about it and it made me feel better.

Karlee: If it wasn't for my family, I wouldn't be where I am today, that's for sure.

Karlee: I have a fulltime job, I have my dog, I have my boyfriend, I have a house over my head, I have lots of food in my cupboards, my bills are paid, my family's there for me.

Karlee: Being a child, I never ever would have thought that I would have used prescription drugs, ever.

Karlee's mom: You just never know. It could happen to anybody's child. She had another chance at life. I'm just so so grateful.


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