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Transcript - Leftovers

Dishes, cutlery and glassware are on a kitchen table: hands lift a bowl of remaining salad up

and out of frame, suggesting that dinner is over, and it is time to clear the table.

Text on screen: Meal's over

Hand pushes loaded dishwasher tray in, and prepares to close door

Text on screen: Dishwasher loaded

Camera travels up to cooling rack on counter to reveal pan with leftover chili in it.

Text on screen: What about these leftovers?

Hand appears in frame with a television remote

Text on screen, words beside check boxes: Put them away now;

Watch my show; a red x appears in the box beside watch my show

Text on screen: Hang on!

Show hands being washed in a kitchen sink with soap.

Text on screen: Wash hands

A hand scoops portions of the leftover chili into a series of glass storage bowls on the counter

Text on screen: First, let cool until steam stops

Text on screen: When steam stops, refrigerate in uncovered shallow containers

Hands fit plastic lids on the leftover containers, and place, one by one, into a refrigerator 

Text on screen: Once cooled in the refrigerator, cover

Text on screen: Perfect!

Hands close refrigerator door

Text on screen: Refrigerate within two hours after serving your meal

Hand appears on screen holding TV remote

Text on screen: Now enjoy the show!

Text on screen: Canada.ca/foodsafety

Text on screen: Canada word mark with waving Canada flag

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