Minister Bennett – National Addictions Awareness Week



Minister Bennett:

I'm Carolyn Bennett; Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. This National Addictions Awareness Week, we take time to talk about addiction and how we can bring awareness to this important issue and support one another.

We must collectively understand that addiction is a treatable medical condition, and not a choice.

Addiction affects the brain in such a way that it makes it hard for people to stop using drugs or alcohol, even when it's harming them or others, and even when they want to stop. Gambling can be addictive and there is help available.

Support for addiction needs to meet people where they are. Everyone is different. For some it will be access to harm reduction programs, for others it will be medical treatment, and others will choose an abstinence program.

Sadly, people who have an addiction often feel vulnerable, isolated and judged.

That's why it's important for all of us to reduce the stigma around addiction, so that people who need help feel safe when asking for it.

If you are struggling with addiction, or know someone that is, there are free and confidential services that can help, including the Wellness Together Canada Portal.

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