Off to the big hockey game!

Transcript - Off to the Big Hockey Game!

Transcript - Off to the Big Hockey Game!

(Zipper opens across screen.)

Dad: Okay, time for the big game. Let's get organized. Hockey bag -

(Bag is quickly filled with items mentioned.)

Emily: Jersey and pants -

Dad: Gloves -

Emily: Skates and socks.

Dad: Pads, tape.

Emily: Pink tape.

(Emily waves pink tape.)

Dad: Neck guard.

Emily: And mouth guard.

Dad: Helmet. Okay. Let's go.

(Emily grins and laughs.)

Emily: Dad, can I sit in the front?

(Emily nods.)

Dad: Nice try.

(Dad closes bag.)

Dad: In the back.

(Dad opens van door.)

Female Announcer: Emily may be well-protected for her hockey game, but she could be in danger.

(Emily buckles into the seat. Question mark appears.)

Female Announcer: Can you figure out why?

(Emily closes van door and buckles into the seat.)

Female Announcer: Emily may feel she is old enough to use only a seat belt -

Dad: Wait, something doesn't seem right.

Female Announcer: But she is still too small.

Dad: Nice try, Emily. Let's get you into your car seat.

(Emily moves into the car seat.)

Female Announcer: A forward-facing car seat will ensure that Emily's shoulders, chest and hip remain secure.

(Pictures of various children appear. Car seats of different sizes appear.)

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