Pursue your passion tour - Desribed video


Transcript - Pursue your passion tour - Described video

A series of quick cuts show people interacting with the stations found at the Pursue Your Passion mobile trailer, including an interactive video station, a virtual reality experience, a rock climbing wall, a digital graffiti wall, and a sonic table music production station.

[VISUAL: A branded Pursue Your Passion wind blade flag blows in the wind.]

[VISUAL: Two girls play music using the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: People interact with various stations at the Pursue Your Passion trailer at a fair.]

[VISUAL: A young woman climbs the spinning rock climbing wall.]

Text On Screen: This year, the Government of Canada is sending a team of Information Ambassadors across Canada to help you #PursueYourPassion, without the use of cannabis.

[VISUAL: Several hands play music at the Sonic Table station.]

[VISUAL: Two teenage girls are playing music at the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: At the Graffiti Wall station, a Pursue Your Passion Ambassador shows a young boy how to draw on the digital screen.]

[VISUAL: A father and his son draw on the Graffiti Wall with their hands.]

Text On Screen: The Pursue Your Passion tour aims to teach and educate you in new ways!

[VISUAL: A Pursue Your Passion Ambassador demonstrates how to use the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: A hand taps the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: A man plays a virtual reality.]

Text on screen: Learn about the effects of cannabis on cognitive performance, especially during the formative years of brain development.

[VISUAL: A young girl draws on the Graffiti Wall.]

[VISUAL: A boy climbs on the climbing wall.]

[VISUAL: Hands appear from off camera and grab the virtual reality headset off of a table.]

[VISUAL: A TV displays an animation of a 3D Brain expanding out into its individual parts.]

[VISUAL: A young woman speaks with a Pursue Your Passion ambassador.]

Text On Screen: 360º Brain: Learn the facts on how cannabis affects each area of this vital organ, and what could potentially happen long term.

[VISUAL: Another young woman listens to another Pursue Your Passion Ambassador.]

Text on screen: Virtual Reality Experience: Step into our VR Game, "Clear the Air," where you'll see how cannabis use affects your health and ability to carry out tasks.

[VISUAL: A teenage girl places the virtual reality headset on her head.]

[VISUAL: A teenage boy places the virtual reality headset on his head.]

[VISUAL: A young man looks around while playing the VR game.]

[VISUAL: A young woman is handed the virtual reality headset.
She places the virtual reality headset on her head.]

[VISUAL: Various screen-captured videos from the VR game quickly play on screen.]

Text on screen: Learn to pursue a passion that can be part of a healthy lifestyle, without the potential health and safety risks of cannabis use.

[VISUAL: A young woman writes on the Graffiti Wall.]

[VISUAL: A teenage girl climbs the rotating climbing wall.]

[VISUAL: A Pursue Your Passion ambassador dances while playing music at the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: Hands tap the Sonic Table.]

Text on screen: Graffiti Wall: Get hands-on with visual art and graffiti, without the mess of spray paint.

[VISUAL: A young woman and her friend draw on the Graffiti Wall.]

[VISUAL: Two teenage girls draw on the digital Graffiti Wall.]

Text on screen: The Endless Climb: Take a turn on our climbing wheel and embrace the concentration, dexterity and skill it takes to keep going.

Disclaimer text on screen: The Climbing Wall may not be available at all events and schools because of size restrictions. A similar activity will be made available in these situations.

[VISUAL: A young woman climbs the rotating Climbing Wall.]

[VISUAL: A teenage boy climbs the Climbing Wall.]

[VISUAL: A teenage girl climbs the Climbing Wall.]

Text on screen: Sonic Table: Create your own music at our Sonic Table and explore your beat production creativity.

[VISUAL: Hands play on the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: Two teenage girls wearing headphones play music at the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: A woman taps the music block with her finger.]

[VISUAL: A boy slides his finger across a music block.]

[VISUAL: Two girls play the music block.]

[VISUAL: A young woman dances while waving her hands in the air at the Sonic Table.]

[VISUAL: Two teenage girls nod their heads to the beat.]

[VISUAL: Quick cuts of all the stations at the Pursue Your Passion trailer play by quickly on screen.]

[VISUAL: The Pursue Your Passion Logo animates on screen.]

Text on screen: For more information, visit pursueyourpassion.ca

[VISUAL: The Government of Canada wordmark.]

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