Second hand smoke: described video

Transcript - Second hand smoke

Transcript - Second hand smoke

Animated video. A furnace in a basement emits smoke, spreading upwards through air vents.

[Male Narrator: There's something harmful and dangerous going on... In some homes across Canada.]

Smoke spreads to a kitchen where a woman washes dishes.

[Narrator: It lingers and moves from one room to another, even when the door is closed.]

Smoke moves to an upstairs bedroom, with a child sleeping.

[Narrator: It sticks to clothing, fabrics... even the food we eat.]

Smoke spreads to a room where a woman watches TV, in front of an open window.

[Narrator: And it cannot be completely eliminated, even when you open a window, clean or filter the air.]

A warning sign with question mark appears.

[Narrator: What is it?]

(Fade to black.)

A basement furnace emits smoke, spreading upwards to kitchen.

[Narrator: There's something very unhealthy going on in some homes across Canada.]
The name of this threat?

The furnace turns into a man smoking a cigarette.

[Narrator: Second hand smoke. You see, the toxic chemicals of smoke expose everyone to higher risk of lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory illness.]

Smoke spreads to bedroom and the sleeping child.

[Narrator: The best way to protect your family from second hand smoke?]

An "X" appears over the man smoking, who disappears.

[Narrator: Never allow smoking inside your home or car.
To learn more about keeping second hand smoke away from the people you love --]

The smoke disappears from all the rooms of the house.

[Narrator: Visit the health section of]

A message from the Government of Canada.

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