Together, we can stop the cycle of stigma - Described video


Transcript - Together, we can stop the cycle of stigma

Narrator: "The opioid crisis has devastated Canadian families and communities. Stigma makes it worse. That's when we judge and treat people who use drugs differently.

[A map of Canada is drawn on screen and a wash of colour moves across it, distorting its shape. A crowd of figures appears from another wash of colour. One figure is separated from the crowd. The crowd becomes more prominent on-screen until it dominates over our single figure. The crowd turn their backs on the figure.]

Narrator: "Stigma can destroy self-esteem and relationships, make it harder to access treatment, jobs and housing, and leads to discrimination or isolation."

[Pulling back, the frame of a door is revealed. We see someone abandoning the figure at the doorway. Continuing to pull back, a series of doors closes in front of the figure. As the last door closes, the camera's perspective shifts, revealing that the figure was falling. After landing, the figure picks themselves up in front of a heap of objects blocking their way. The heap grows to become an insurmountable obstacle, and the figure begins to climb.]

Narrator: "Together, we can stop the cycle of stigma. See how at"

[As he continues to climb a member of the crowd extends their hand to help at the summit. The figure rejoins the crowd.]

[Text on screen:]

[Black with animated flag symbol morphing into Canada wordmark on screen.]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

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