What are you breathing today?: described video

Transcript - What are you breathing today?

Transcript - What are you breathing today?

A little pet dog is standing on the front steps of a house, the background changes to solid blue with the text what are  you breathing?

VO: What are you breathing today?

VO: Know the quality of the air around you every day of the year, wherever you are.

A calendar flips through the months.

TEXT: January, April, September, December

VO: The Air Quality Health Index, relates air quality on a simple colour coded scale from 1 to 10.

The Indicator shows that numbers 1-3 (shades of blue) indicate low risk, 4-6 (shades of yellow) moderate risk, 7-10 (shades of reds) high risk, and + (deep red) Very high risk.

VO: The higher the number the higher the risk.

TEXT: Local News Flash: Active Forest Fires

There is a circular air quality chart that goes from 1 to 10. The pug spins an arrow that points to 9.

VO: Risks from breathing pollutants include:

VO: Inflammation in your lungs making it harder to breathe, and symptoms like a scratchy throat or coughing.

Close up of the dog, panting.

VO: Anyone can feel the effects from bad air if they are engaged in strenuous exercise, sports or work outdoors when the (Air Quality Health Index)values are high.

TEXT: Anyone can feel the effects.

VO: Bad air is especially harmful for people with Asthma, heart conditions, lung disease or other respiratory problems.

TEXT: Strenuous exercise. Sports. Working outside. Respiratory problems.

TEXT: Especially for people with: Asthma, heart conditions, lung disease,

VO: Look for the (Air Quality Health Index) in your weather updates and check air quality online.

TEXT: Books. News. Weather. Sports. Movies.

A hand selects the weather report on a computer touch screen that brings us to the Air Quality value for that day. It says 5 or moderate.

VO: The AQHI is designed to help you make decisions to protect yourself when there is poor air quality and choose the best times to be active.

TEXT: Help you make decisions.

VO: For more information go to our website: airhealth.ca

The little pet dog and his master are walking away from us down a sidewalk in a suburban neighbourhood. The camera pans to the sky  and text that reads AQHI Air Quality Health Index, airhealth.ca

The Health Canada logo appears, along with icons and the Government of Canada wordmark.

VO: A message from Health Canada and the Government of Canada.

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