Pesticides: What do Health Canada scientists do?

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Narrator: Pesticides and other pest control products touch many aspects of your everyday life - from growing healthy food, to making sure your home is clean and safe, to keeping pesky rodents away.

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Now, you may be wondering 'should I be worried about this?'

You shouldn't.

Health Canada scientists are working to make sure that all pesticides made and sold in Canada can be used safely.

But how?

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Narrator: Before a pest control product can be put on the store shelf, Health Canada scientists evaluate hundreds of different scientific studies so that they can be sure it can be used safely, and that human health and the environment will be protected.

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These scientists need to be convinced that no harm is going to result from the proper use of a product before Health Canada will approve its use.

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Narrator: Science is constantly improving and we continue to learn more and more about how the world around us works.

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So how can you be sure that an older pesticide that was once considered to be safe is still safe today?

Health Canada scientists use the latest scientific knowledge and procedures to re-evaluate authorized pesticides on an ongoing basis. If they're no longer safe, they will have to be changed or taken off the market all together.

Described Video: The male scientist is reading through a file folder and places it in a file box marked with a green check mark. He starts reading another file and places it into another box marked with a red X.

Narrator: Only authorized pesticides can be sold or used in Canada, and they must be used as directed.

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Health Canada compliance inspectors conduct regular inspections of workplaces and retailers. They make sure that only authorized products are being sold in Canada and that they are being used correctly. This can include examining documents, labels and facilities and gather samples to be tested.

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Narrator: So, the next time you need to purchase a pest control product, read the label and look for the registration number to make sure the product is authorized for use by Health Canada.

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Remember, all of these steps are taken to protect you, your family and the environment.

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