Your nose knows – or does it?

Transcript - Your Nose Knows – Or Does It?

Transcript - Your Nose Knows – Or Does It?

(A person's face appears full-frame, centered on nose.)

Male Voice-Over: Ahh, the nose.

(Female smells a rose. Male smells a glass of wine.)

Male Voice: Heh, it's kind of like your very own detective for things that smell good.

(Female smells a pot cooking, then a toaster containing burnt toast.)

Male Voice: And not so good.

(Female smells a shoe.)

Male Voice: But there is a danger in your home that no nose can detect.

(The first face appears. A warning sign pops up to the right of the face.)

Male Voice: Do you know what it is?

(Male smells a glass of wine.)

Male Voice: So, what is this danger your nose can't detect?

(Nose with warning sign, which transitions to read "Carbon Monoxide".)

Male Voice: Carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, undetectable gas. If you have a gas or oil furnace, gas or wood fireplace or stove, or gas water heater, carbon monoxide could be present in your home.

(Carbon monoxide detector pictured, red light flashing and beeping.)

Male Voice: And it means that you need a carbon monoxide detector. It's the only way to know if it's at dangerous levels.

(Female smelling a cup of coffee.)

Male Voice: For more tips on how to keep your family healthy and safe, visit

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