Canada Connects: Bringing newcomers and Canadians together

Canada Connects is an initiative to help newcomers settle by matching them with Canadian citizens or longtime community members.

Integration is a two-way street and everyone can get involved to build welcoming communities.

By volunteering with Canada Connects, you can:

  • foster newcomers’ sense of belonging
  • increase cross-cultural understanding and communication skills
  • learn about the contributions newcomers make and the challenges they may face

As a newcomer, Canada Connects can assist you to:

  • make connections with people in your community and build meaningful relationships
  • increase your communication skills and understanding of Canada
  • help Canadians understand the challenges newcomers may face and the contributions they make

How to participate

Here are the steps to make a difference in someone’s life, or to find help to settle in your community.

  1. Find an organization that offers services to newcomers near you. They will give you a form to fill out.
  2. On the form, indicate how you’d like to get involved, and your availability.
  3. The organization will match you with a newcomer or a volunteer in your community.

Find an organization near you

After you’re matched

There are many activities that a newcomer and a volunteer can get involved with, such as:

  • sharing information about your community, such as local activities, transportation or schools
  • preparing and sharing food or organizing a potluck together
  • attending or participating in a cultural or sporting event together, like going to a festival or a hockey game
  • engaging in conversation to practice and improve English- or French-language skills
  • building networks and meeting people with common interests

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