Gender-based analysis plus (GBA+)

Governance structures

The Director General of the Strategic Policy and Planning Branch at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the functional authority for GBA+ and is supported by two GBA+ champions at the senior executive level.

Within the Strategic Policy and Planning Branch, the Gender and Strategic Priorities Unit provides guidance and advice to all branches in supporting the application of GBA+ within IRCC.

The Immigration and Refugees Protection Act requires IRCC to incorporate GBA+ analysis into its Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration.

Human resources

17 full-time equivalents (for IRCC as a whole)

Planned initiatives

IRCC’s proposed GBA+ Action Plan for 2019–20 includes the following initiatives:

  • Update the internal Policy on Gender-Based Analysis to better articulate more intersectional considerations (e.g., the addition of the “plus” to GBA).
  • Renew the GBA+ internal Web page to empower IRCC employees to further incorporate GBA+ into their policy, program development and communications activities.
  • Continue to bolster data collection and research to develop a stronger evidence base to support GBA+ activities.
  • Continue to conduct outreach within the Department to embed more robust gender and intersectional considerations within all lines of IRCC business.

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