Immigration Category on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)

When an immigrant is approved for permanent residence in Canada, they receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence document. An immigration officer at the port of entry or a CIC office signs and dates this document when permanent residence is finally granted. This document is used by permanent residents to show to provincial and territorial organizations in order to access services. There is an immigration category printed on this document.

The following is a reference tool that explains the immigration categories listed on the COPR.

Application Type

  • Other application class
    • ARC: Authorization to Return to Canada
    • PRTD: Permanent resident travel document
    • RHB: Rehabilitation
    • SV: Status Verification
    • TRP: Temporary Resident Permit
Permanent Residence (PR)
Economic application class
  • CEC: Canadian Experience Class
  • CG: Caring for Children Program
  • EN2-FED: Entrepreneur – Federal
  • EN2-QC: Entrepreneur – Quebec
  • HMN: Caring for People with High Medical Needs Program
  • LC: In-Canada Live-in Caregiver
  • LC2: Dependant residing abroad of a member of the live-in caregivers in Canada class
  • MST-FED: Skilled Trades – Federal
  • NV5-FED: Investor – Federal
  • NV5-QC: Investor – Quebec
  • PV2: Provincial Nominee – Selected by a province other than Quebec
  • SE2-FED: Self-employed – Federal
  • SE2-QC: Self-employed – Quebec
  • SUD-FED: Startup Business
  • SW1-FED: Skilled Worker – Federal
  • SW1-QC: Skilled Worker – Quebec
Family application class
  • FC1: Spouse
  • FC3: Son/Daughter
  • FC4: Parent/Grandparent
  • FC5: Orphaned sibling/nephew/niece/grandchild
  • FC6: Child to be adopted in Canada
  • FC7: Other Relative
  • FC9: Child adopted by perm resident of Canada
  • FCC: Common Law Partner
  • FCD: Dependant of a member of the spousal in Canada class residing abroad
  • FCE: Conjugal Partner
Refugee application class
  • BSR: Blended Sponsorship Refugee
  • CR: Convention Refugee
  • DR: Dependant of REF-CDA residing abroad and in Canada and who have not been deemed to be a Convention refugee in his/her own right
  • DR2: Dependant of CR8 refugee claimant who resides abroad and who has not deemed to be a Convention refugee in his/her own right
  • RA: Country of Asylum
  • REF-CDA: In-Canada Refugee and Protected Persons
  • REF-OVS: Refugee Overseas
  • RS: Source Country
  • REF-CLM: Refugee Claim
Other application class
  • DPO: Dependant residing abroad of a member of the in Canada H&C and TRP class – Admissibility
  • PD2: Dependant of a member of the post-determination refugee claimant in Canada class residing abroad
  • PP1: Public Policy Processing – application under A25(1) based on public policy processed in accordance with ministerial guidelines
  • RM2: Dependant residing abroad of a member of the deferred removal class

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