Management Action Plan – OIC’s Recommendations

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada developed a Management Action Plan (MAP) following receipt of the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC)’s final report. During the investigation, the OIC identified some key issues and recommended that the Department take the necessary actions to resolve each of these issues. The following action plan addresses the OIC’s five key issues and recommendations.

Commissioner’s recommendations IRCC commitments Action item Lead Target date Progress
1. Cease the practice of claiming time extensions under paragraph 9(1)(a) based on the number of requests submitted by any one requester 1.1 Cease the practice of claiming time extensions on frequent requesters. 1.1.1 Established a process to cease the practice of claiming time extensions on frequent/bulk requesters. Corporate Services Sector March 1, 2021 Completed
2. Develop a work plan showing the specific, measurable actions taken or to be taken to improve performance within the ATIP office 2.1 Develop a work plan and share the plan with the Office of the Information Commissioner. Finalize a work plan that takes into consideration the Information Commissioner’s recommendations, provides key measurable outcomes and offers a concrete way forward in actions to be taken to improve performance. Corporate Services Sector Q2 2021-22 Completed
3. Publish the concrete results and impacts of all specific, measureable actions of work plan 3.1 Make the work plan available on the IRCC website. 3.1.1 Publish the work plan and results achieved to date, on the IRCC website as part of IRCC’s Access to Information Act Annual Report. Corporate Services Sector Q3 2021-22 Completed
4. Implement or augment IRCC’s plans and strategies to improve the availability of client immigration information so as to alleviate undue pressure on the access regime 4.1 Building on existing root cause analysis undertaken by IRCC, conduct additional analysis on the drivers that motivate clients to submit ATIP request for case files. 4.1.1 Complete data modelling and analysis of root causes driving clients to submit ATIP requests on case files to establish the correlation between IRCC’s levels and ATIP volumes.
  • Corporate Services Sector
  • Operations Sector
Q1 2022-23 Completed
4.1.2 Reassess and adjust work plan and initiatives based on the data modelling and root cause analysis results. Ongoing In Progress
4.2 Identify how to improve communication of case status immigration information to clients through MyAccount. 4.2.1 Complete the MyAccount case status information pilot for the Citizenship line of business.
  • Operations Sector
  • Transformation & Digital Solutions Sector
Q1 2021-22 Completed
4.2.2 Assess feasibility for other lines of business and adjust work plan as appropriate. Ongoing In Progress
4.3 Provide clients with more clarity on the reason(s) for their refusal 4.3.1 Launch new iteration of Temporary Resident Visitor Refusal Letter Operations Sector Q1 2021-22 Completed
4.3.2 Conduct further analysis regarding the feasibility of expanding to other lines of business Q4 2022-23 In Progress
4.3.3 Plan to transition to steady state Ongoing In Progress
5. Secure adequate short‐term human and financial resources for its ATIP processes so it can meet its obligations under the Act, until permanent solutions to decrease the demands placed on its ATIP Office are implemented 5.1 Secure adequate short‐term human and financial resources for its ATIP processes. 5.1.1 Develop a plan to secure adequate short‐term human and financial resources. Corporate Services Sector Q3 2022-23 Completed
5.1.1 Develop plan Implement plan 5.1.2 Implement the plan to secure adequate short‐term human and financial resources. Q1 2023-24 In Progress

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