Operational Bulletin 402 (modified) - February 22, 2013

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Inland CIC Processing of Confirmation of Permanent Residence Documents Originating from Visa Offices


The purpose of this Operational Bulletin (OB) is to provide instructions for the processing of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) documents at inland CICs in those cases where the application for permanent residence was processed through Global Case Management System (GCMS) at a visa office.

Background / Rationale

Upon approval of a permanent resident (PR) application where the applicant has legal status in Canada, the visa office forwards the CoPR document, IMM 5688, and the passport containing the visa counterfoil, if required, to the applicant’s address in Canada. The applicant has the option to contact an inland CIC to arrange landing (OB 076) or they may finalize processing at a port of entry if they are exempt from the visa counterfoil requirement (OB 348) or if they have a permanent resident visa counterfoil in their passport.

In order to complete the landing in GCMS, the inland CIC must be designated as a secondary office by the originating visa office. However some inland CIC offices have found that they were not able to land clients in GCMS as they were not designated as a Secondary office on the GCMS applications.

GCMS is being modified to eliminate this obstacle. In the interim, the inland CIC are instructed to finalize the process in Field Operations Support System (FOSS).

CIC Processing

The officer granting PR status will complete the required data fields on both the CIC Copy and Client Copy of the IMM 5688, and will sign and date both copies. Any amendment to the CIC Copy should also be reflected on the Client Copy. Clients will also sign and date both copies of the form to verify that the information is true and to acknowledge terms and conditions. The FOSS record will be updated.

Note that the officer should take care to adhere to the following procedures when finding that a clerical error has been made on the IMM 5688 CoPR document:

Both the CIC Copy and Client Copy of the IMM 5688 should be corrected to bring them into agreement with the bio data in the passport or travel document. The correction should be made by placing an asterisk beside the error and notating the correction in the remarks section of both copies of the IMM 5688. Any corrections made should also be reflected in the remarks in FOSS.

Once PR status has been granted, the Client copy will be issued to the client as an historical record. The client will receive their official status document (PR card) through the mail within six to eight weeks of being granted PR status. The CIC copy of the IMM 5688 will be forwarded to the Case Processing Centre (CPC)-PR Card in Sydney. There is no National Headquarters (NHQ) copy with the IMM 5688 version of the CoPR.

In cases where it is necessary to issue a replacement document in FOSS, the new CoPR will be printed on IMM 5292 stock. The client will sign the IMM 5292 CoPR in the designated places to verify that information recorded on the form is correct and to acknowledge terms and conditions. Distribution of the form will have Part 1 sent to CPC Sydney, Part 2 sent to NHQ Records for archiving, and Part 3 issued to the client.

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