Timelines for planning citizenship ceremonies

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

45 days before the ceremony

  • Notify and consult with the citizenship judge or volunteer presiding official.
  • Consult with the host organization and sign the hosting agreement.
  • Visit and check facilities for suitability.
  • Enter as many details as possible in the Global Case Management System (GCMS).
  • Make arrangements with the commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment.

30 days before the ceremony

  • Notify National Headquarters (NHQ) about the appearance of any prominent guests attending the ceremony.
  • If required, request delegation from the Registrar of Citizenship for a person (other than a citizenship judge) to preside over the ceremony.
  • Enter additional event details in GCMS.
  • Start planning ceremony logistics.
  • Advise the RCMP detachment by email or by telephone.
  • Make arrangements with the Canadian Forces or veteran representative.
  • Advise the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada regional communication representative if there is likely to be media interest.
  • Select candidates for citizenship and verify certificates.
  • Prepare the Notice to Appear and Information Sheet for candidates.
  • Prepare a draft of the program in consultation with the host group.

14 days before the ceremony

  • Verify that certificates are properly prepared and adhere to the applicable policies for names and dates of birth.
  • Verify that the effective date on the printed certificate is the actual date of the citizenship ceremony.
  • Send the Notice to Appear and Information Sheet to candidates.
  • Prepare a list of candidates for registration at the ceremony (nominal roll).
  • Tabulate the number of countries of origin represented.
  • Prepare documents for the ceremony (e.g., oath forms, commemorative certificates).
  • Make arrangements for security, if required.
  • Make arrangements for citizenship staff to attend.
  • Prepare a sequence of events.
  • Consult with the judge or presiding official.
  • Review the proposed program with the host organization and then print the programs.

7 days before the ceremony

  • Confirm the availability of citizenship staff.
  • Confirm the attendance of special guests, including guest speakers, musicians and choirs.
  • Brief volunteers, if applicable. Arrange for “O Canada” cards and pins.

3 days before the ceremony

  • Reconfirm the availability of the judge or presiding officer.
  • Reconfirm the availability of citizenship staff.
  • If media are expected, confirm the attendance of Regional Communications.

24 hours before the ceremony

  • Brief staff.
  • Confirm any special arrangements (if necessary, arrange for a dress rehearsal).
  • Verify that certificates are correct. Check each candidate’s name and date of birth, and ensure that the effective date is the actual date of the ceremony.
  • Ensure that certificates are in the order they will be presented.
  • Arrange for a sound system and a recording of “O Canada”, if needed.
  • Review the prepared program.

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