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This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

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Processing and collection of fee

  • $85 individual [R315.1(1)]
  • $170 family rate [R315.1(3)(a)]
  • $255 group of performing artists (3 or more persons) [R315.1(3)(b)]

The biometric fee must be paid each time an applicant provides biometric information unless they are exempt from paying fees. When an applicant submits more than 1 temporary residence application simultaneously, the applicant is only required to enrol their biometrics and pay the fee once.

Permanent residence applicants are required to enrol their biometrics with each application. When an applicant submits biometrics in support of a permanent residence application they are not required to enrol their biometrics for any subsequent temporary residence application submitted during their permanent residence process.

Permanent residents who fall out of status and apply for a temporary residence document will be required to enrol their biometrics (for example, the voluntary renunciation of permanent residence status).

Applicants are not required to pay the biometric fee again if, as part of the same application, they are required by an officer to repeat biometrics collection. As well, applicants from whom an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada officer requires biometric information on a discretionary basis under section 16 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) will not be required to pay the biometric fee.

Applicants who submit their applications at a visa application centre (VAC) and who pay the biometric fee are not required to pay additional package transmission charges normally levied by the VAC.

Biometrics currently on file

Temporary and permanent residence applicants who make an application in the temporary resident stream and have valid biometric information on file are not required to enrol their biometrics in support of a new application. Nonetheless, if the applicant would like to re-enrol their biometrics again despite having valid biometrics on file, they may do so and are required to pay the biometric fee.

Family rate

The family rate does not limit family members to the same type of temporary and permanent residence application. For example: the principal applicant may apply for permanent residence, the spouse a TRV, the dependant a study permit, and they would all still be eligible for the family rate.

For more information on fees for biometrics collection, see section 315.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Maximum fee

Applicants who qualify for the maximum fees are not required to provide their biometric information at the same time and place. However, in order to qualify for the maximum fee, applications must be submitted in one location as a package.

For the purposes of determining the family maximum fee, subsection R1(3) and section R2 define “family member” and “dependent child,” respectively.

A group of 3 or more performing artists and their staff who apply at the same time and place for a work permit pay a maximum fee of $255.


The application cost recovery fee is not refunded to applicants whose applications are refused.

The biometric fee is not considered a processing fee like any other cost recovery fee, but is rather a fee for service.

The biometric fee is not refunded, if biometrics are provided and the application is then refused. As per the 1 in 10 policy, biometrics will remain valid for 10 years to be used for future temporary residence applications.

The biometric fee must be refunded if biometrics collection does not take place.

The biometric fee should also be refunded if collection took place in error (for example, from an applicant who is not required to provide biometric information or who is exempt from the requirement).

Fee exemptions

In cases where clients are exempt from the recovery fee for the cost of the application they may also be exempt from the fee for biometrics collection.

Similarly, some applicants who are exempt from the biometric fee may still be required to pay the application cost recovery fees.

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