CIMM – Quebec Immigration – February 15 & 17, 2022

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Permanent residents

Responsive – Processing times

Responsive – Case before the Federal Court from Quebec Investor Class applicants


Responsive – Family reunification

Resettlement and asylum

Responsive – Irregular migrants at the border

Responsive – Refugee resettlement and Afghan commitments

Responsive – Temporary public policy to grant permanent residence to certain foreign nationals selected by Quebec working in the health care sector during the COVID-19 pandemic (Guardian Angels)

Responsive – Working with the U.S. to Modernize the Safe Third Country Agreement 

Temporary residents

Responsive – Temporary Foreign Workers

Responsive – Reported allegations of unethical recruitment of Indian students destined to Quebec

Responsive – International students from Francophone African countries

Responsive – Grant under the Canada-Quebec Accord

Supporting Facts and Figures

Quebec Skilled Workers

Quebec Skilled Worker Clients Processed by IRCC by Year

In PersonsFootnote 1 In CasesFootnote 1
Year Residing in Quebec/ Canada Residing Overseas Total % Residing in Quebec/
Residing in Quebec/ Canada Residing Overseas Total % Residing in Quebec/ Canada
2020 5,794 4,320 10,114 57% 4,055 1,431 5,486 74%
2021 22,171 5,444 27,615 80% 14,627 1,907 16,534 88%

Data is operational and subject to change.

Quebec Skilled Workers InventoryFootnote 2 Quebec levels plan
Prospective InventoryFootnote 3 Processing InventoryFootnote 4 Landing InventoryFootnote 5 Total 2022
PersonsFootnote 6 17,587 26,958 4,117 48,662 Target :
27,400 – 28,800
plus reequilibrage  12,700
Total :
40,100 to 41,800

(Data source: COGNOS (MBR) extracted as of January 1, 2022)
Data is operational and subject to change.

Immigration Category Processing TimesFootnote 7
Quebec Rest of Canada
Skilled Workers 27 26
Provincial/Territorial Nominees (paper applications) N/A  24

(Data source: COGNOS (MBR) extracted as of January 1st, 2022)
Data is operational and subject to change.
As Quebec is responsible for the intake and Levels of QSW, which are paper applications, subject to a 11 month processing time, and as IRCC controls the intake and Levels of FSW, which are electronic applications subject to a 6 month processing time, we cannot compare the processing times for these two programs. QSW is more comparable to provincial programs such as PNP base that are subject to similar intake mechanisms (governed by PTs). Both of these programs (QSW and PNP base) are subject to the same service standard (11 months) in comparison to the Federal stream under Express Entry (FSW, FST, CEC) subject to 6 month processing.
COVID affected all processing times. As the application inventories age, processing times increase, i.e. they remain in the inventory for a longer period.

Quebec Skilled Workers Admissions
(principal applicant + dependents)
% Increase
2018 2019 2020 2021 2020 vs 2021
Actuals 24,129 19,098 11,477 25,013 118%
Quebec’s Immigration Plan 24,200-26,300 18,000-20,100 21,600-22,000 26,400-27,700 22%-26%

(Actuals row data source: COGNOS (MBR) extracted as of December 31, 2021)
Data is operational and subject to change, and may not match official admissions figures posted on the Open Data Portal.

Quebec’s 2022 levels plan

Meeting Quebec’s 2021 Level Plan

Afghan refugee resettlement

Asylum seekers


Canada-Quebec Accord: Roles and Responsibilities

The federal grant to Quebec

Settlement and integration services

To fulfill this mandate, since 2014 IRCC and its Quebec counterpart, the Ministère de l’Immigration, Francisation and Intégration, have jointly carried out five comparative studies, which consistently concluded that there was an overall high level of alignment of settlement and integration services between Canada and Quebec.

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