CIMM - Labour Market Impact Assessment and Hong Kong Studies - Mar 10, 2021

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Table of contents

Opening Statement

Minister’s Opening Statement

Hong Kong Study

  1. Hong Kong Measures
  2. Travel Restrictions and Exemptions
  3. Refugees and Resettlement
  4. Admissibility
  5. Domestic Security and Sanctions
  6. Visa Application

Labour Market Impact Assessment Study

  1. StatsCan Opening Remarks
  2. Role of Immigration in Canada’s Economic Recovery
  3. Multi-Year Levels Plan, 2021-2023
  4. Impact on Processing and Operations
  5. Economic Immigration and Pathways
  6. Pilot Projects
  7. Labour Market Impact Assessment
  8. Temporary Foreign Workers
    1. Temporary Foreign Workers (IRCC)
    2. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (ESDC) Caregivers Quebec Immigration Francophone Immigration
  9. Caregivers
  10. Quebec Immigration
  11. Francophone Immigration

Reference Material

  1. Parliamentary Context
  2. Member Biographies
  3. Correspondence from Members
  4. Data Dashboard

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