CIMM – Citizenship and Immigration – May 12, 2022

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Table of contents

Opening statement

Application backlogs and processing times

  1. Inventories and Processing Times
  2. Status of Operations, Programs and Services
  3. Canada-Quebec Accord
  4. Quebec Processing Times
  5. Quebec International Students
  6. Francophone Immigration Outside Québec
  7. International Students
  8. Caregivers
  9. Family Reunification
  10. Temporary Foreign Workers
  11. Economic Immigration
  12. The Immigration and Refugee Board – Inventory and Wait Times

Main estimates

  1. IRCC 2022-23 Main Estimates
  2. Summary of the Immigration and Refugee Board’s 2022-2023 Main Estimates

Other departmental issues

  1. Multi-Year Levels Plan
  2. Budget 2022
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Ukraine
  5. Particular Response to Ukraine Only
  6. Settlement and Integration
  7. Client Services and Support
  8. IRCC Services in Official Languages
  9. Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination
  10. Disaggregated Data and Analytics Framework
  11. Chinook Development and Implementation in Decision-Making
  12. Advanced Data Analytics to Sort and Help Process Temporary Resident Visa Applications
  13. Digital Platform Modernization
  14. Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot  
  15. Refugees and Resettlement
  16. Asylum and Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA)
  17. Interim Federal Health Program  
  18. Interim Housing Assistance Program
  19. Visa Exemption/Framework
  20. Citizenship and Passport
  21. Creation of an Independent IRCC Ombudsperson

Reference material

  1. CIMM Intelligence Dashboard
  2. Correspondence from Members
  3. IRCC Mandate Commitments
  4. Student Approval Rates by Country of Residence
  5. Responses to Ukraine and Afghanistan
  6. Afghanistan Dashboard
  7. Ukraine Dashboard
  8. IRCC Workforce Demographics
  9. French-Speaking Students from Africa
  10. Nigeria Student Express and Student Direct Streams

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