Infographic: Immigration to Canada in 2019


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Infographic: Immigration to Canada in 2019

Text version: Immigration to Canada in 2019

In 2019, 5,774,342 travel documents were issued to visitors, workers and students while we admitted.

405,107 temporary work permits were issued under the temporary foreign worker and international mobility programs.

74,586 individuals transitioned from temporary to permanent residents.

In 2019, 341,180 permanent residents were admitted in Canada.

In 2019, about 8,500 French-speaking permanent residents were admitted to Canada outside Quebec with additional support for francophone communities across Canada.

IRCC created, implemented, and expanded 9 different programs and initiatives related to GBA+.

Permanent and non-permanent immigration accounted for over 80% of Canada’s population growth.

About 58% of permanent residents admitted under the economic category.

30,087 refugee resettled, the highest number of any state worldwide.

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