ARCHIVED – Backgrounder — Provincial and territorial nominee programs

The provincial nominee program acknowledges that provinces and territories are well placed to recognize and react to labour market needs in their jurisdiction. There are now provincial nominee agreements in place with all jurisdictions except Nunavut, offering more than 50 separate streams for admission.

Provinces already have a say in more than half of all economic applicants to Canada. Moving forward, CIC will continue to work with provinces and territories to determine how to improve the program design, integrity, selection standards and management of the provincial nominee programs.

The number of provincial nominees admitted by CIC has grown steadily in recent years, from 8,047 in 2005 to 36,428 in 2010. The 2010 total includes more than 8,600 temporary foreign workers who became permanent residents as provincial/territorial nominees.

A national evaluation of the provincial nominee program is underway and will help inform future levels planning. Canada and the provinces continue to work together to manage growth in the provincial nominee program and to make sure that provincial and federal immigration programs better complement each other.

Immigration levels plans reflect input received from provincial and territorial governments, as well as that solicited from key stakeholders across Canada. This month, Minister Kenney is seeking feedback on immigration levels, the composition of permanent immigration categories and the role of temporary migration.

CIC is working with provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec, on a longer-term approach for planning immigration levels. Within this context, a number of options are being explored to enable all parties to better attain their objectives for immigration.


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