ARCHIVED – Backgrounder - A Tale of Two Skilled Workers: Impact of Proposed Immigration Changes

Monisha :

  • Physiotherapist
  • Uncle in Canada, spouse has M.A.
  • Basic English skills

Current Selection System: Monisha is selected

  • Her professional knowledge is solid, but with only basic English proficiency she is unable to write Canadian certification exams and would be unable to practice her profession.

Proposed Selection System: Monisha is not ready and would not be selected

  • Has same level of English as Józef, but not sufficient for her skill level.  Monisha is ineligible until she can improve her language proficiency.

Józef :

  • Carpenter
  • Arranged employment in Canada
  • Basic English skills

Current Selection System: Józef is not selected

  • Even with a Canadian employer who wants to hire him, Józef falls short of the pass mark.

Proposed Selection System: : Józef  would be selected with the changes

  • He has a job lined up. His basic English allows him to respect safety requirements and he will not be limited to employers who speak Polish.

Impact of proposed changes

  • The experiences of Monisha and Józef illustrate the impact of proposed changes.
  • With the proposed changes, professionals like Monisha would not pass without adequate English or French for their skill level. This is best for Canada and more beneficial and fair to immigrants who need language proficiency to successfully establish themselves. If Monisha wants to immigrate to Canada, she can upgrade her language abilities and reapply when she meets the minimum requirements.
  • Rebalancing points will give a skilled tradesperson like Józef a better chance at meeting the pass mark. Basic proficiency means that Josef has sufficient language proficiency to meet the requirements of his occupation. With Basic English, he can respect health and safety regulations, sign a lease, and find another job if required.


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