Support for Afghan citizens with travel authorizations to leave Afghanistan

Ottawa, August 29, 2021—Canada and its allies have received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan citizens with travel authorization from other countries will be allowed to leave Afghanistan.

If someone who has qualified under our programs is able to leave Afghanistan and needs further documentation from the Government of Canada to continue their travel, support is available at Eligible applicants who leave Afghanistan and arrive in a third country should let the Government of Canada know where they are and keep us updated.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues to urgently process eligible applications, whether applicants remain in Afghanistan or not. Applicants do not need to currently be in Afghanistan or to return to Afghanistan to meet the immigration requirements.

Canada’s evacuation operations have now ended. The Government of Canada is unable to arrange travel within Afghanistan, either to a neighbouring country or directly to Canada. We continue to remain in close contact with Afghan applicants on the ground and provide support with documentation.

We recognize that people need help and have questions. IRCC has answered more than 9,000 calls and 46,000 emails since we implemented the dedicated phone line and email. The department has also increased the number of people answering questions. IRCC continues to work as quickly as possible to answer calls and emails.

Details regarding the special humanitarian program to resettle Afghan nationals outside of Afghanistan and family members of Afghans who assisted the Government of Canada will be available soon.

Until the security situation stabilizes in Afghanistan, people must be mindful of the security environment and, where possible, take the necessary steps to ensure their security and that of their family. Canada remains focused on its commitment to resettle approximately 20,000 Afghan nationals through our programs.

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