ARCHIVED – Notice – Beware of resettlement fraud

The Government of Canada has found out that false information is being given to displaced Syrians who want to be resettled to Canada.

Canada does not charge application fees for refugees to be resettled. Nor do we collect fees from refugees before they arrive in Canada.

Notices asking you to deposit money, which will later be refunded, are false and do not come from the Government of Canada.

You should also know that to be resettled to Canada, you must be referred by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or from recognized and approved sponsorship groups in Canada.

Neither the UNHCR nor private sponsors charge refugees for the application.

Syrians in Lebanon or Jordan who feel they are in need of international protection should register with the UNHCR. Syrians in Turkey should register with the Government of Turkey. Registration with the proper authorities is the first step in receiving protection.

Don't be a victim of fraud.

This notice is also available in Arabic (العربية) – archived (PDF, 167.25KB)


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