ARCHIVED – Notice – Closure of the visa office in Tehran

April 29, 2012 — Effective immediately, the Visa and Immigration Section at the Embassy of Canada in Iran (Tehran) is closed and services have been transferred to the Embassy of Canada in Turkey (Ankara).

The visa office in Ankara will now be responsible for processing all applications from Iran, in addition to being responsible for applications from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

The transfer of temporary resident services from Tehran to Ankara has been in the planning stage for a while. Ankara is already responsible for processing permanent resident applications from Iran.

Each year, CIC evaluates its network of immigration offices and explores ways of doing business more effectively and efficiently.

Shifting visa services from one visa office to another is not uncommon. Our new processing system, the Global Case Management System (GCMS), allows visa officers around the world to share workloads easily and efficiently.

Temporary resident services

If you are in Iran and want to submit a temporary resident application, you must now apply through the visa office in Ankara. You are not required to include your passport with your application. The visa office in Ankara will contact you if the visa is ready to be issued and make the necessary arrangements in order to facilitate this process in person.

Iranian nationals outside of Iran can submit their application to any other Canadian visa office.

Temporary resident applications that have already been submitted will be transferred to Ankara where processing will resume.


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