New permanent residence pathway for former minors in protective care

Ottawa, January 23, 2024—A small number of individuals who came to Canada as minors never obtained permanent residence or citizenship while they were in the custody of child protection services. As a result, some of these vulnerable people who never had status—or lost it—are now at risk of being deported to their country of birth. After living in Canada for years, many have little or no connection to their country of birth, and often do not speak the language.

Canada is committed to addressing the situation and providing fair and equal access to Canada’s immigration system. That’s why Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada introduced a public policy to provide a permanent residence pathway for individuals who came to Canada as minors, were placed in protective care, and never obtained permanent residence or citizenship status as a result. This public policy is in force until January 21, 2027.

This new permanent residence pathway builds on previous measures introduced in fall 2023. As of September 29, 2023, through the introduction of new ministerial instructions, eligible individuals previously in child protection services have been able to apply for a temporary resident permit (TRP) and a work or study permit. The TRP provides temporary resident status and reduces the risk of removal from Canada. Those who were eligible for the TRP will now be able to apply for permanent residence through this pathway.

Learn more about eligibility and how to apply for these new measures.

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