ARCHIVED – Notice – Changes to Visa Office Website

Effective March 31, 2015, all visa and immigration content on visa office websites will be moved to the website. This includes country specific information, checklists, forms and guides.

By making this change, visa and immigration information will be clearer, easier to find and targeted to the applicants’ specific needs and location.  Applicants overseas will now have direct access to a growing suite of online web tools available on the website. For example, the Help Centre is a one-stop Web portal where visitors can find quick and direct answers to common questions. The Come to Canada site helps potential immigrants to Canada determine the immigration programs that best suits them.

Also, the interactive Living in Canada tool helps newcomers adjust to life in Canada and find services. It includes an interactive map that allows people to find settlement organizations in their area.

In addition, videos are available to guide applicants through the process, explain recent reforms and highlight immigrant success stories.

There will be no change in services as a result of the changes to the visa office websites. These changes do not affect the way visa and immigration sections at Canadian embassies process applications. People who have submitted applications or who are in the process of completing an application do not need to do anything differently as a result of this change.

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