Online survey of newcomers to Canada on their resettlement, settlement and integration experiences

Ottawa, July 18, 2019 – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is conducting an online survey of newcomers to Canada, including permanent residents and new citizens, to help assess the effectiveness of services offered through the department’s Settlement Program and Resettlement Assistance Program.

About the survey

The survey will help IRCC understand which settlement and resettlement services are working well, and what needs improvement.

Participation in the survey is voluntary and confidential. We will only use the information from the survey to help improve our programs and services. Participants’ answers will not affect any past, current or future applications with IRCC.

The survey will be administered online in July, August and September 2019.

More information about the invitation to participate in the survey

Participants will receive an invitation by email to take the online survey that includes the following:

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