Automation to help process adult passport renewal applications

Ottawa, April 25, 2024 —The Government of Canada is expanding its use of proven automation technologies to help process adult passport renewal applications. Automated tools are part of our commitment to using technology responsibly.

Automation technology will help passport officers process routine adult passport renewals. The automation tool confirms that application information matches the information on file from their last passport and confirms there are no restrictions or reasons to deny a passport. This tool operates as an add-on and helps increase the efficiency of passport renewals. It does not replace a passport officer. If any condition is not met, it always goes to a passport officer for further review. Refusals will always be made by a passport officer.

The use of this technology will help us to continue to issue passports within service standards even as we experience periods of high demand. All applications are reviewed using the same rules, whether by an officer or by the tool.

This tool is used for adult renewals. Officers continue to manually review and make decisions on all first-time applications, children’s applications and complex files.

Decisions to refuse, cancel or revoke a passport continue to be made by an officer. A completed algorithmic impact assessment concludes that the tool has little to no impact on Canadians and has all necessary privacy and security safeguards in place.

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