Becoming Canadian: Provincial Nominee Program

Becoming Canadian: Provincial Nominee Program

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Transcript: “Becoming Canadian: Provincial Nominee Program”

Video length: 02:02 minutes

Becoming Canadian appears with a 3-D globe background spinning.

Episode title: Provincial Nominee Program appears against visuals.

“Heating up the steel. Arturo is a Filipino welder making industrial and ranch equipment in Western Canada.”

Various shots of Arturo welding. A close-up as the sparks fire up on the welding torch.

“Like many skilled trades people, welders are in demand. Art’s boss has been looking for help in Asia and the South Pacific because, sometimes, it’s hard to find qualified people in Canada.”

There is a close-up of Art welding. Various shots of Art and his boss as they inspect the work.

Jim Clow – on camera:
“They get an opportunity to come to Canada and see the freedom we have here and the ability to grow and prosper and figure to take advantage of it. They don’t want to go home. They want to stay in our country.”

“Jim recruited Art from the Philippines. In Manila, opportunities were scarce. Jim was instrumental in helping Art’s family move to Canada and a better life.“

There is a wide shot of a beach in the Philippines. A cut to people on a crowded street in Manila. There are bad working conditions as a worker uses a hack saw.

We dissolve to a nice clear day on a highway as a truck passes and the graphic text reveals Brooks, Alberta. Art and Jim walk down the street in a quiet neighbourhood.

“Art and his family became permanent residents under the Provincial Nominee Program. It ensures that provinces and territories can nominate workers who have the skills to meet regional labour demands.”

Various shots of the family in the living room.

A close-up reveals the Internet site for the program. Work shots continue in a factory.

“Provincial nominees like Art are processed on a priority basis. Now, Art’s next step is citizenship.”

Arturo Bacquial – on camera:
“That is my goal. To become a Canadian citizen. Canada is more freedom. The government is stable, not like where I come from.”

“It’s a long way from the Philippines to Canada. But it was the right move. Art’s wife Sonia has a job and the kids are in school.”

Shot of Art and Jim walking up to the house, continued from earlier shots. Various shots of the children.

Art on camera:
“Yeah. It’s like I win a lottery ticket. I’m so lucky to be here.”

“For more information, and to find out if you are eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program, go to”

A graphic appears on camera with the 3-D background “”.

“A message from the Government of Canada.”

The Department logo and the Canada word mark appear.


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