Becoming Canadian: CEC Students

Becoming Canadian: CEC Students

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Transcript: “Becoming Canadian: CEC Students”

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More than 130 thousand foreign students come to Canada every year. We want them.

Canada needs to increase its pool of talented and skilled professionals.

Canada is faced with an ageing population, and relatively low birth rate. There are skills shortages now in health, social and community services, transportation, construction, manufacturing, education, mining and many other fields.

Within a decade, demand for workers will far outgrow supply.

To strengthen the workforce, the Government of Canada has created a new way to immigrate. The Canadian Experience Class attracts the best and brightest students from around the globe and makes it easier for them to stay here.

One of those bright minds is Haluk Demirtel from Istanbul Turkey, who will apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class. He’ll eventually qualify for Canadian citizenship.

Haluk Demirtel
Student – University of Ottawa

“It is easier for international students to apply in this class. It is an advantage to study in Canada and this new category should help a lot for the international students.”

We’ve expanded work programs for international students like Haluk so they can get the work experience they need after graduation to apply under the Canadian Experience Class.

Those who gain at least one year of work experience in managerial, professional or technical positions can apply for permanent residence. Graduates who want to immigrate to Quebec follow a different program.

Heidi Smith – Director, Permanent Resident Policy/Citizenship and Immigration Canada

“I think every country is looking for international students. It adds a variety to our experience and enriches our culture but I think it also looking to the future of the economy and the labour market and bringing in really the people with the skills we need.”


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